Monday, September 12, 2011

Trick or Treaters II: Attack of the Arm Squeezy Thing!

I just completed the last few pen strokes on the second illustration of trick or treating woodland creatures!

Trick or Treat II:
This time it's adorable.

Skeleton Skunk!

Pirate Beaver!

Ghost Raccoon

Painting was extra enjoyable this afternoon, as I endured my yearly check up at the doctor this morning. I'm such a baby. However old I get, once I walk into any doctor's office I'm five. "NO SHOTS RIGHT? WHAT'S THAT? WILL IT HURT?" (It's a tongue depressor). "NO, NOT THE ARM SQUEEZY THING!"

Not that I say any of this out loud. My inner monologue prattles on like a lunatic while I sit frozen with a polite smile nailed in place. The only thing creepier than my expression, are my actual thoughts. "WHY DON'T THEY MAKE ME TAKE MY SHOES OFF WHEN THEY WEIGHT ME? I DON'T WEIGH 150 LBS. CLEARLY THESE SHOES WEIGH AT LEAST 15 LBS. THIS PAPER DRESS SMELLS LIKE NAPKINS. TELL THE DOCTOR YOU NEED TO BE WEIGHED WITHOUT YOUR SHOES. TELL THEM YOU WORE YOUR HEAVIEST SHOES--"

Afterwards I took myself through the Burger King drive through. I don't like to make fast food a habit, however like birthday cake I think it has its place in life as a rich and dangerous treat. And it's important to reward your inner child for sitting through anything scary and uncomfortable. They don't give lollipops out to adults, but when you're a grown up you can give chicken fries out to yourself.

So I came home, pulled out my paints, tucked into my chicken fries, kicked off my 15 pound shoes, and got down to paintin'!

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  1. Too funny! Glad you survived your doctor visit. It could have been worse- you could have had polka dots on your tongue like the character in my book- LITTLE LILLY'S POLKA DOT WORLD.!!

    Keep up the good work!!



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