Saturday, September 17, 2011

Video of our Wedding!

Happy Saturday, everyone!

While our wedding photos should be ready soon (I promise!) you can watch our wedding right now!

The latest episode of Keith Apicary's Talking Classics just debuted, and it has our wedding in it! We're both big fans of Keith Apicary, and the incredibly talented actor who plays him, Nathan Barnatt. When Ryan asked Nathan if he'd marry us as Keith we never dreamed he's say yes, let alone make it into an actual episode! What we didn't realize is what an amazingly kind, wonderful guy Nathan is. He seemed as delighted to perform the ceremony as we were to ask, and he worked hard to find the right balance of funny and sweet for Keith's words to give our life a hilarious, memorable start! He and his friend web comic artist Jenny Fine (who filmed the wedding for the episode) were a lovely addition to our day. You hope that the people you're a fan of are great in real life and let me tell you, Nathan is that dream performer who cares about his fans, his characters, and his performance and gives his all to each.

Okay, okay, enough stalling! You can watch it for yourself BY CLICKING HERE!*

A photo Ryan's Dad took. More actual
wedding photos to come!

*(I'd like to add that the fact Martin Starr is in our wedding episode is further proof God loves me. His character Bill in Freaks and Geeks is easily one of my top favorite fictional people ever).


  1. Okay, obviously this is the best wedding in the history of weddings.

  2. Loved the episode. Congrats on the marriage ^_^


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