Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Halloween decorations are up!

Ryan and I decorated the apartment for Halloween last night. Why, yes, it is still September!

It's so close to October though, right? Like, super close. And we both love Halloween. Between the two of us we had four big cardboard boxes of decorations. This is the first year we were able to combine them, last year mine were still in storage back in Rhode Island. Ryan accepted my "single girl glitter pumpkins" and I accepted his "life sized grim reaper that he keeps hiding in the apartment."

If you think Autumn couch looks pretty,
you should see Christmas couch.
"Don't worry, the tv's not haunted. Those
are decorations." Ryan told the cats last night.
Our Halloween tree.
True story: I have an extensive collection
of tiny gravestones. Since 2006 I have gotten 3-4 a year.
Halloween table.
Last night I walked into the bathroom and this
was waiting around the corner for me to scream and scream at.
You thought I was joking about the life sized grim reaper,
didn't you?
Above Ryan's desk.
Above my desk.
I have had these ghosts since college :)
Ryan had ghosts too!
My favorite Halloween sign
belongs in the kitchen!
Elvis and Puck investigate the decorations.

Bring on the hot apple cider and scary movies! We're ready.


  1. Since starting to blog, have realised how significant Halloween is to you Americans! It's been fascinating to read how excited you all get about it! It's increasing in attention over here in the UK, but nothing like the anticipation that seems to pervade the Fall months! We might begin to get excited (despite the shops' hype) about a couple of weeks before. But then you get Thanksgiving (which passes us by) and then comes Christmas and the New Year! We really do miss out - there's talk about an extra Bank Holiday between August and December, but it never amounts to much!

    Have a jolly good time anyway!

  2. We really do love it! My Dad used to spend the evening creating elaborate costumes and making the rounds to all the local costume contests, so my sister and I have inherited his enthusiasm for the day. :)


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