Sunday, August 14, 2011

A visit to the Vintage Mall

Of all the areas in Seattle, my favorite is Fremont. To give you an idea of how delightful it is, in the 90s they faced a problem of drug dealers hanging around beneath the large bridge that crosses the artsy neighborhood. The Fremont Arts Council held a competition to solve the issue and the citizens offered up a simple solution. Like any respectable bridge, it needed a troll to guard it. And so, naturally, they built one.

No, seriously.

We forgot to say hello today, and I regret it. When I first came to Washington the Fremont Troll served as a sign that the west was very different. It's my dream to one day tell my children this is one of the trolls Gandalf turned to stone when he tricked them into waiting for the sun. ("The city had to move the others when they built the bridge," is my plan to explain why he's solo).

Another reason why Fremont is a magical place is the Vintage Mall. Part record store, part clothing boutique, part antiques extravaganza, the Vintage Mall is all awesome. It's full of unique finds in beautiful condition somehow reasonably priced. I've been stalking its cowboy boot selection for a few months now, which are always gorgeous and usually priced between $25-80. Why buy plastic knock offs when you can score broken in beauties? (I'm sure there's a double entendre in there, but let's move on). I bought my wedding dress at the Vintage Mall in March, and a rare Japanese model of a Nintendo robot for Ryan there last Christmas.

We call him Rob. 

Today yielded more great finds! Including a sleeveless "RATT" tee-shirt. After bragging about their prices, I have to confess this one was a little too expensive--but, be fair, can you ever really put a price on a sleeveless "RATT" tee shirt?

Inspired, Ryan spent the next 20 minutes combing
the racks for sleeveless tee shirts.

Before you start to worry, Ryan didn't leave without a new shirt. Yes, Ryan walked away with a genuine Suburban Commando tee. 

Its only draw back are the sleeves.

And I fell in love with a 70s prairie print dress that absolutely refuses to photograph properly, but I promise you: It's lovely. The pattern is much less garish in person. There's no inside tag and the flowers in the fabric match my hair, so it can be safely concluded that it was sewn by my Fairy Godmother. It was $26 and in perfect condition!

They say dress for the job you want.
(I want to be a wizard).

Clothes of the past are better made and with finer materials. Bonus: You're not likely to run into someone wearing the same outfit. ...Unless they are a time traveler, in which case, you may indeed be wearing the exact same outfit (and they may want it back).

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