Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Most Lovely Guest Book

My buddy Tim is one of my bridesmaids. His lovely girlfriend Sara can't make the wedding because she has just about the coolest job on earth, performing at Storyland in New Hampshire! Naturally, the summer is a big deal for them and getting time off is next to impossible.

Sara is one heck of a sweetheart, and great with crafts! Just check out these Valentine wreaths she made on her own blog here. She asked if she could do something for the wedding, since she would not be able to attend. (This is how nice she is). And so she made a guest book for us!

When you open it up, there are little envelopes. She sent us cards for folks to write a message for us to read on our first anniversary! She not only included little heart seals, but her father--also a creative person--has made us a wood turned pen special for the occasion that Tim will be bringing with him across the country tomorrow!

How cute are these hearts?
Sara's own message to us arrived in this
soft hand stitched envelope.

How adorable is this guest book? We are just thrilled with it, and it's already got us looking forward to next August. Mr. McMahon, you better hold onto this one!

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