Monday, August 29, 2011

Halloween is in the air! (Yes, it is still August).

It's the end of August and that can mean only one thing: I'm already far too excited about Halloween.

I would be dragging out my spooky decorations now if it were socially acceptable. As it stands, when September dawns in two days I will be dressing the apartment in all its orange and yellow leaf autumn finery. Pumpkin wreaths galore! Then we'll see how long I can go before I drag out the ghosts and skeletons (last year I made it to the last week of September! Not too bad).

Since I can't plaster our walls with my paintings of zombies, ghosts, and werewolves just yet I decided to hang them in my Etsy shop instead. I plan to add more as the season blooms (or withers. Withering is much, much spookier!) and I may paint a few cute Halloween illustrations too. Perhaps a raccoon trick or treating.... 

Right now if you visit my shop, you'll find these haunting prints for sale!

Werewolf Family Portrait
You can find the Werewolf Family Portrait  print here.

Ghost Lady (mother of the family
from the Werewolf Family Portrait, actually).
You can find the Ghost Lady print here.

Zombie in the Woods
You can find the Zombie in the Woods print here.

Enchanting Zombie
And you can find the Enchanting Zombie print here.

This is the first time I have sold any of my scarier stuff in my shop. Halloween felt like a good time to test these prints out! And as always, you can find my zombie paper dolls for sale here.


  1. These are DELIGHTFUL! I love love halloween! I have yet to do any halloween paintings.. but I want to! Last year I did a whole series of black cats, zombies, vampires.. ah. I LOVE it.
    Your stuff is sooo great! I love your style!

  2. Thank you! I want to do some cute critters trick or treating and a witch or two as well! I love Halloween so much!


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