Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Seasons of Beard: Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred mustaches.

In other news Ryan shaved his beard this weekend.

I woke up to this looming over me.
Ryan is going to be 26 in a couple of weeks, however when he's completely cleaned up he looks about 17 years old.

No, seriously. This photo was taken last summer.
And so if Ryan can help it, he avoids being clean shaven. Here's a sampling of Ryan's facial fashions over the last year.

That's my shirt.
Ryan saying lines from 'My Cousin Vinny' in Nevada.
Victorian Gentleman Ryan
Victorian Boxer Ryan
Camping in the car on the way to Vegas.
(He had shaved for a job interview the day before).
Bearded school girl (at PAX west).
Halloween beard.
Christmas beard.
Easter beard.
Ryan's beard carrying a boom mike.
Ryan's beard running a Mystery Tournament.
The beard really showcases his modesty.
This may be cheating....
Ryan ponders the weight of his beard....
I've said before that Ryan gets 'whims' and his latest whim is an eye patch.
This is what he currently looks like.

Don't cry because the beard is gone. Smile that it happened. And a beard is never really gone (especially since he saved it and has been hiding it all over the apartment so I can stumble upon it unexpectedly and scream).

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