Monday, July 11, 2011

My Big Fat Wedding Updates: What to wear....

I probably shouldn't share my dress or veil because Ryan occasionally reads this. However, I can show you my shoes. I have been walking in them nearly every afternoon, even when Ryan is home. I don't know if it's bad luck for the groom to see the shoes before the wedding, but it's definitely bad luck for the overly clumsy bride to not break in her shoes before she walks down a pier built in 1909. The spaces between the planks are pretty generous and I've already slipped and fallen in my own kitchen. In fact the first day I put them on I tripped over backwards in the living room and Ryan caught me just in time. He flashed a handsome smile and joked, "Oh honey, you're going to be so majestic on our wedding day!" There's nothing dangerous about the shoes, it's me.

Some of you may remember from an earlier post when I trampled my mother's heart by announcing I was going to wear blue shoes with my gown. Well, there's good news. She eventually came to love the idea (once I managed to convince her they would be a very light shade of blue). Being 3000 miles apart, Mom and I both sailed the cyberseas of the internet in search of the perfect blue heels until I found a vintage pair of aquamarine Nine West pumps on etsy for $18.

How seriously cute are these shoes?

About 15 minutes after I tripped and my dashing fiancee bravely caught me, I stepped down and crunched one of the heel tips right off. Again, there is nothing dangerous about the shoes.... And so I brought them to Emerald City Shoe Repair and had it fixed for $10. I highly recommend these gentlemen, they were real deal cobblers and knew their stuff. I felt comfortable leaving my delicate vintage find in their hands (let's face it, at that point the shoes were safer with them than with me).

I love objects with a history. As you can see
one of the soles has a price tag from March 1988.

When we first got engaged Ryan basically wanted to dress like a Roman soldier for our wedding. He described a breast plate, some kind of helmet in the shape of a lion's head, and a long red cape. He wanted to march down the aisle to Ennio Morricone's Esctasy of Gold and he wanted to kick in the doors of the church when the woman's vocals began in the song. When I asked when I would walk down he replied, "Before me, I'm the one in the cape!" 

Ryan is prone to whims, so I rode that one out and waited to see where it went. Luckily in April another whim struck him and he suddenly became very interested in suits and began a small collection. On the day of our wedding Ryan will be sporting his lovely grey suit, and as you can see from this picture he truly savors wearing it.

Ryan puts the 'power' in power suits.

We just have to find him a light blue tie, possibly with orange on it. I'm also on the hunt for a bow tie in blue and orange after this conversation with my bridesmaid Tim.

Tim: So what do I need for clothes?
Me: Oh, your pants and shirt from Preston's wedding will be fine. But do you mind getting a tie in either blue or orange?
Tim: You may have to help me with that.
Me, remembering Tim is color blind: Oh,...I'm a jerk.
Tim: Yeahhhhhh.

Once my maid of honor Preston heard that Tim was getting a bow tie he exclaimed into the phone, "OH! I want a bow tie too!" So now it's bow ties all around on my side! Preston asked if he could wear an orange or blue shirt. He admitted that a white shirt would be unlikely in his wardrobe as he "mostly dresses in purples".

It's true.

Ryan's sister Megan is his best man. She has been looking through orange dresses and showed me this pretty little number a few days ago. I'm not certain if she went ahead and got it, but I liked it very much. Megan has a great sense of style, I told Ryan whatever she finds is going to be fantastic!

And so now you have a pretty good idea of what we'll all look like on the big day. Except for my wedding gown. If you email me at and promise not to show Ryan, I can probably send a picture or two of it!

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