Monday, July 25, 2011

My Big Fat Wedding Updates: The Cake Topper

According to my cyber nemesis there are 26 days until our wedding! I have 188 to-dos, 125 are overdue, and frankly I have a hard time believing anything has 188 steps. I know people who restore antique clocks with less attention to detail.

Today I thought I would share our wedding cake topper with you! We found it in the etsy shop Melabo, which is filled with the fanciful, otherworldly works of Megan Bogonovich, a ceramics artist in New Hampshire. I can't say enough nice things about her style. Spend some time looking around her shop and in the gallery on her website--you'll thank me later. Her wedding cake toppers are a marriage between the surreal and the adorable. They look like the traditional ceramic cake toppers of the 50s and 60s with one important twist: the heads are swapped out for woodland creatures and robots.

There were many heads to choose from: squirrels, deer, goats, cats, monkeys. And with owls and robots as an option, you may be surprised to learn we went with rabbits.

We had many reasons to choose this rabbit couple, most of them rooted in childhood. To start, Ryan and I are getting married in the year of the Rabbit. We did not realize this when we set a date, but were delighted when we found out. Ryan loves Watership Down by Richard Adams, and my Mom has called me 'Bunny' since I can remember. (Shut up). Every child has that one favorite companion, the Hobbes to their Calvin. For each of us it was a rabbit. Most family and friends can remember my faithful protector 'Bunny Rab'. Even now at 29 years old, I'll admit Bunny is out here on the West Coast with me. She has been sewn and patched more times than I can count, but is holding up well. And Ryan, 6'3" 180 pound tough guy that he is, has 'Cookie'.

Bunny and I, the toddler years.
From left to right, Bunny, myself, and Snoopy
in what looks like a mugshot?
Ryan sick with the flu this past June, you can just see
Cookie's feet sticking out from his beard.

What about the cake? Okay, you got me, we're not having a cake at the wedding. Preston's wife Kaela works at the Frosted Cupcakery in Hollywood, CA and we're planning on ordering our wedding cupcakes there. You can watch Kaela demonstrating their delightful Easter themed cupcakes on the LA CBS morning show here. (How adorable is she?)

Why get a cake topper if you're not going to have a cake? Um, why have a video game expert marry us, why have a dude Maid of Honor and a lady Best Man, why have a Groom's Ninja? (That one was sprung on me last week).

Well, a wedding topper is one tradition we think is cute. And because somebody's got to watch over those delicious cupcakes. These rabbits won't serve as a "Cake Topper", but more of a "Cupcake Guardian". We plan to set them beside the cupcakes at the wedding and later keep them in our living room for children and grandchildren to cherish, because I don't imagine we'll be the last kids in our family to love bunnies.


  1. LOVE the bunnies. So gorgeous! Perhaps we should have thought of a pass-downable cake topper; my mother planned my whole wedding. She did an awesome job, but I'd love to have it to do all over again MY way. :)

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