Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Prints, bound for postal adventure!

Yesterday I mailed out three bundles of prints to stores in Rhode Island. I must confess, I really enjoy creating a fresh batch of prints. Laying them delicately to dry, inspecting for stray spots, arranging the neat piles, signing the lower corner.... And then at last readying them for shipment, packing each one in a little cellophane baggie like a mother buttoning the last buttons on a jacket. "Don't get dusty! Play nice with the other prints!" Ah, they grow up so fast. Soon they'll be hanging on their own walls, and I will be just a distant memory.

A pile of prints, ready to go!
Stacks of business cards awaiting packing.
Parcels prepared for post.
And off they went, east coast bound! Rhode Islanders if you feel like a summer drive in South County (Lordy, do I miss summer those) my prints are now for sale at Livewire Boutique in downtown Westerly and Incredible Threads in Hope Valley. And sometime very soon they will be available at The Gallery on High St, also in downtown Westerly.

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