Thursday, July 14, 2011

And then Ryan registered for Zoltar the Fortune Telling Machine....

There have been many requests to see our registry the past few weeks. Ryan and I are getting married next month, and it's only natural that friends and family would be asking this. However, I've been hesitating.

It might be that our wedding is so small I didn't think we'd be getting gifts. Originally we weren't even going to have a registry, but some family members asked us to make one. And while, of course, I'm happy and grateful folks wish to send gifts, I just did not expect it. 

It might also be that when Ryan was asked to pick out 'several reasonable items for our home' to put on the registry, he chose a "Zoltar the Fortune Telling Machine" for $7400.00 followed by a tasteful life sized statue of the Predator. I have no way to explain the hackey sacks, Street Fighter posters, or NeoGeo cabinet to my family other than, "this is the man I'm marrying. I promise he's not insane."

Please do not buy this for our home.

And so we have a registry filled with dishes, teapots, bed sheets, and Godzilla. Since we began putting it together many friends have heard about Ryan's picks and have been wanting to see just how crazy it really is. Finally you can click here to view our registry. We used so we could choose from several store sites across the internet, including Target, ebay, and etsy. You can play 'whose is whose'. (All of the garden gnomes and owl tea cups are mine, and all of the Short Circuit 2 movie posters are Ryan's).


And if you're family looking for something more traditional, we also registered for china at Macy's here. ...Okay, I registered for china at Macy's.  


  1. everything on the registry is returnable.....the husband.....NO!!! Love ya :)

  2. That beats the pants off of the unused cappuccino machine that WE got! How exciting!


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