Sunday, July 10, 2011

25 Items Every Home Should Have

Last year I put together a list of 25 items every home should have. Things that remind folks to never take themselves too seriously or forget the little things in life. I tried to pick simple items that are cheerful at a glance, enjoyable during a spare moment, and foster an appreciation of creativity, science, nature, being active, and life, friends, and family. 

Today I read over the list and thought I would share it here.

1. Rubik's Cube
2. Teapot
3. Record Player
4. Bubbles (with bubbles wand)
5. Chess Set
6. One kite per member of household.
7. One sled per member of household.
8. Rubber Ducky 
9. At least one pet.
10. Slinky
11. Photo Album(s)
12. Globe
13. Felix the Cat wall clock (with moving eyes and tail).
14. Magic 8 Ball
15. Picnic Basket
16. One bicycle per member of household.
17. Popcorn Maker
18. Coo Coo Clock
19. Barometer
20. Fire Pit (outside! haha). 
21. At least one musical Instrument.
22. Crayons
23. Aquarium
24. Cookbook(s).
25. Plant(s).

And that is my list! You may say it has too many toys, and I argue no, not enough. To quote Dr. Seuss "Adults are just obsolete children, and to hell with them!" You may also say that number 9 and number 23 are the same, but to quote Amy: "I can't shake the feeling that fish are decorations that die." And number 23 is a wonderful little world to peer into and care for! 

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  1. gah, I love lists ! About number 12, I totally agree ! An old, olg, globe !! No ! BETTER ! A lot of old globes !!
    Mouhahaha !
    You make me want to do a list too !!


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