Saturday, June 18, 2011

One Fat Little Marmot

Today while cleaning out one of the shelves beside my desk, I uncovered a forgotten portrait of a marmot in a sailor suit. I painted him sometime in January, on the same night I painted my penguin with the red balloon, I believe! Sometimes I have lulls in my painting (similar to the blocks writers sometimes struggle with, but with drawing) followed by bursts of activity. In this case, one weekend I painted 3-4 illustrations, and somehow this poor little fuzzyhead got lost in the shuffle!

Portrait of a Jolly Marmot!

I know what you're thinking: Wait, what's a marmot? 

I'm a marmot!

While there are 14 species in the genus of Marmot, you probably know the groundhog best. You can read more about marmots here.

I wasted no time in scanning my marmot and readying him for printing. You can find his print in my shop!

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