Friday, June 10, 2011

O For Heaven's Sake: A blog you should be reading!

Hello wonderful folks!

So sadly that touch of flu I had last week was only a prologue to the full blown flu Ryan and I have been suffering from since late Tuesday. We went to the doctor this morning (flu confirmed, money taken, but peace of mind gained) and have been urged antibiotics and fluids. We've spent the past few days in a haze of orange juice, chicken noodle soup, and 80s sci-fi flicks.

This evening has been the first time I've been in front of the computer since Tuesday, and I found that my dear, dear friend Amy had written a fantastic post and I had to share it. She's recently found a new way to get through the day at the job she-is-not-overly-fond-of-as-she-looks-for-work-in-her-Master's-Degree's-field and she shared the method in this post. Amy has a remarkable way with words and the imagery she conjures with her words is nothing short of verbal magic. Her blog, O For Heaven's Sake can be found here and is well worth following! (And going back a few posts, as each is more hilarious than the last, especially if you've ever endured customer service). She chronicles her life as a highly educated lovely person wading through the 2011 economy, with a blind curmudgeon of a dog by her side who is likely to eat any given thing at any given moment.

And now you must excuse me, it's cough syrup time again.

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