Monday, June 27, 2011

My Big Fat Wedding Updates: The Officiant

Our wedding is fast approaching, and I wanted to write some updates for our friends and family across the country. Today I'll start by telling you a little about our officiant!

Ryan lined up our officiant before he even popped the question.

Keith Apicary:
Gaming Scholar
We're big Keith Apicary fans. He's a character who presents an online show about retro video games called Talking Classics. (You can find all the episodes here. Careful, they're addictive!) 

Last Christmas as we were snuggled by the tree in pajamas, Ryan asked me who would I choose to marry us if we ever got hitched. I said it would be hilarious if Keith Apicary performed the ceremony. And so a few weeks later (and a whole month before he proposed to me) Ryan contacted Nathan Barnatt, the actor behind the character. He asked Nathan would he be willing to marry us if Ryan could arrange for him to be ordained. Amazingly he agreed! Ryan and he have been working out the details and I have no idea what to expect, except to be SUPER PSYCHED. 

A Valentine I made Ryan this year
thanks to Photoshop.
Nathan has several characters besides Keith, and in addition to being a comedian he's one heck of a talented gymnast too. He shows off some dance moves in the video below. While our families are definitely scratching their heads over our choice for officiant, Ryan and I are very excited.


  1. Hahaha. I think this is going to be awesome.

  2. Holy Crap Batman! That man gives us a reason to go to L.A. I hope you record the ceremony. Congratulations again! :)

  3. Georgia this is absolutely incredible!! Major kudos to Ryan for reaching out and asking Nathan if he would do that. So cool! I had only seen his 'Neo Geo' music video before this post and have been watching some of his other bits on youtube, hysterical!

    Can only imagine the hijinx that are going to go down at the ceremony. The dancing alone is going to be insane. And the stories you'll have, oh the stories you'll have!

    Such cool news, and you heard it here first on Pseudoctopus :) Awesome Georgia, just awesome!
    ~ Chris

  4. I cannot wait for the ceremony--we're figuring our vows out right now, and naturally we're keeping them kinda loose because we want to leave room for whatever happens. Ryan does know some details, but I want to stay surprised.

    I was blown away when Ryan told me. He had to show me the email before I believed him! And how nice is Nathan for agreeing to this? That may be my favorite part, I love finding out that talented, entertaining people are also nice!

  5. You guys should make the wedding into a music video, or at least have a seperate wedding rehersal with dancing etc that gets filmed. It would go viral for sure, and I bet Nathan would help.


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