Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Hawker Family

At last the flu seems to be packing its bags and leaving town! Ryan returned to work today, and I happily returned to the book project I have been working on. Neither of us can quite shake the cough, but the chills, aches, and sore throats are gone thankfully!

While I was ill I passed the time drawing cartoons of an eccentric little gypsy family. I thought I would share the characters here, though I hesitate to show the comics themselves just yet (they are quite silly).

Here are some of the Hawkers, a close knit family of traveling criminals and fortune tellers. This NOT to say all gypsies are criminals and fortune tellers, far from it. However this particular family certainly is.

Grandma Hawker and her pet owl Hickory
Mama Hawker. I gave three of the Hawkers a white
streak in their hair. Each carries a psychic ability.
The triplets: Salem, Peter, and Ivan.
Ivan has the white streak in his hair and so he's psychic.
And incidentally, he's somewhat evil compared to his other triplets.
Vesper Hawker, the teenage daughter of the clan.
She's from Mama Hawker's first marriage.
Pilot Hawker, a somewhat awkward young teen
with an affection for keeping rats as pets.

Clover Hawker, an adorable albino child.
A favorite of Grandma's.
Every family needs a drifter uncle, and Offal is the Hawker's.

I couldn't resist throwing a cute baby in there. Just because.

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  1. What an amazing world you are creating! Looking forward to reading about their adventures :)


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