Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Hawker Cartoons

Last night I put the cartoons I drew of the Hawker family online, really mostly so my sister Gracie could see them. Since childhood I can't resist the urge to show her my paintings and silly comics first, and so much of our humor is shared. She and other folks seem to like them, so I'll share them here too. You can find the cartoons here. Just click to enlarge them as you go down!

One of the cartoons, about Papa's Papa. More can be seen here.
I will warn: some of the humor is adult. Nothing R, but a little on the PG-13 side--but all for ridiculousness sake, nothing very bad. I meant them for grown ups to read, not kids.


  1. Haha, excellent new series Georgia! Read through them all, top notch stuff! The grandmother had me cracking up :) Feel this is going to be a very fun ensemble cast to write material for.

    Took a trip back to the quote book this afternoon and went through a bunch of those. You have such insight and the humor is playful and sincere which I really like.

    Always enjoy your work and have been reading your blog posts!
    ~ Chris R

    PS: I don't know if I've ever had a whopper either! Still have never sampled any of KFC's offerings and that is one of my claims to fame, haha.

  2. The Hawker Cartoons Comment, take two! Georgia this new comic series is so much fun, the grandmother is an instant star in my eyes :) The writing is excellent and the possibilities for story lines here with this eclectic bunch is as wide as Uncle Offal's mustache and as rich as vesper's threads! A pox on anyone who says otherwise :) haha. Consider me a fan!

  3. Fantastic! I'm so glad you like them--especially the grandma, she's my personal favorite too. I have to admit she practically writes herself. I'm happy to say I've been sketching some new ones since I got so much positive feedback on these. Hopefully I'll have some new ones to share soon, Chris!

  4. This is excellent news :) Will be looking for the new comics in the coming weeks!! Can tell there are some fantastic stories materializing for the infamous Hawker family! haha. Can't wait!


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