Friday, June 17, 2011

Great Father's Day Idea for DIY Folks!

Recently I began following the creative DIY blog Design Sponge. They have a lot of truly unique projects, and they just shared one for father's day that I had to post here. It's a lovely, yet masculine, Father's Day Walking Bouquet basket and you can learn how to create your own here.

How great is this?

I see this and immediately wish I was on the east coast to make one of these for my Dad with all the flora and fauna he'd love. My father is a nature buff--he sent me a fully intact beehive for Christmas this year still delicately laced over a tree branch--and an antiques admirer. He actually collects wooden boxes and crates just like this one. This is the kind of project I would be scrambling to create for him this weekend were I home in Rhode Island and not separated by enough distance to promise wilting flowers. (Maybe with a little time I can craft a similar, less perishable project for him!).

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