Friday, June 24, 2011

Front Page News!

One year to the day after joining Etsy, one of my prints made it to the site's front page tonight in this treasury.

It feels like a wonderful way to mark the anniversary!

Enchanted Moon, my print that made it!

I have been coveting one of these
bad boys for a long time.

And yes I am acting like a total dork (I'm sorry, it's late and I'm excited). However in life we should set goals, we should pursue goals, and when it's time, we should celebrate those goals. This lovely nod of appreciation coinciding with my one year etsy-versary (it's still late and I'm still excited) feels like a sign that I'm moving in the right direction.

When you're doing what you love to make people happy, it's a dream that grows the more people you share it with. I wish I could take credit for coming up with that, but Kermit said it in the Muppet Movie. I add tonight: Chase a dream, everything else is just killing time. If you've got a talent share it with as many people as you can as often as you can, whatever that talent may be. Whether it's painting, writing, teaching, baking, defending, healing, acting, nurturing, or any number of other abilities. You owe it to yourself and the short time you've been handed here on earth. Celebrate what you can do, it's the easiest way to give thanks for it. And embrace what you can do, don't compare yourself to anyone else, you're not meant to be anyone else. It sounds corny, but there's only one you and for only a short seven or eight decades. Don't foolishly edit yourself and miss out on you. There's no time to wish your life was like anyone else's, because the danger is you could miss out on your own story. There are reasons why you have your style, your perspective, your tastes, your gifts. So share them, enjoy them, and when it comes to your dreams chase them with all your heart.

And now the academy is starting to play the music and before I go I just want to thank my manager, all the people in the casting office, my Mom, my personal secretary Gracie Dunn AND NOW THE MUSIC IS LOUDER, OKAY, I'M LEAVING THE STAGE---I JUST WANT TO THANK GOD, BECAUSE I FEEL HIM IN THIS ROOM TONIGHT----

Cue commercial break.

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