Thursday, June 16, 2011

Boss Troll

I was recently asked to paint a troll in power, and to make it look like a mean, vicious troll. This wasn't entirely easy for me. For you see, when it comes to trolls I've had a life long love of the dolls.

They see me trollin', they hatin'....

However, it was for a noble cause. And so last evening I sketched, penned, and painted a troll in business casual wear. Here's how he progressed:

Boss Troll, pencil with a little ink. I made him as
brawny and slimey looking as possible. 
Detail of the initial sketch.

Boss Troll, fully inked.

Boss Troll with his first few washes. Knowing that predatory
trolls are rumored to live in swamps and bogs
I aimed to give him a froggy kind of amphibian skin.
And here's the Boss Troll illustration completely inked and painted with all his pinstripes, paisley, and knuckle hairs. I painted some mud and dirt splashes into the pants and vest, because really, how can you expect a vicious troll to keep a suit nice for very long?
Boss Troll, awfully proud of his suspenders.
A detail of Boss Troll's face fully painted.


  1. So you painted Tim?

  2. OHHH SNAP Tim is going to yell at you Destry!

    And thank you, PunkFootballer, I will check it out!

  3. Haha, damn you Destry. He is doing the groomsman dance...

  4. Trollololololol!


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