Saturday, June 11, 2011

And the flu played on.

As I wrote to my friend Amy in an email earlier this evening:

"We are most assuredly dying. We can't seem to bounce back from this flu--although our throats seem to be calming a little. Ryan and I accidentally shared a terrifying late night codeine trip last night as we decided we hadn't taken enough (it wasn't doing ANYTHING to help us) so we each took one more teaspoon and then basically fell asleep to our own individual nightmares along the lines of the super scary part of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when Gene Wilder goes nuts. Neither of us can remember them. Ryan's was something along the lines of "men broke into our apartment while he was too sick to stop them" and mine was like "my parents committed a series of murders I had to cover up" but they both had the general horror of Gene Wilder rowing. This morning we woke up feeling as though a truck had hit us and our throats were worse (no doubt from screaming in our sleep all night)."

I edited the passage for a strange abundance of "each"s, as my writing seems a little out of it, but basically that was our experience trying to take the codeine cough syrup we were prescribed last night. I would like to add that it did nothing to suppress our coughs or aid our symptoms. When we mistakenly decided to try one more teaspoon it finally began to have an effect, which was solely as a nightmare potion to make our innermost horrors come to life.

We spent the day taking turns making each other soup and tea, passing each other chloraseptic and motrin, and watching Wes Andersen movies. In the last four days we've watched Ravenous, A Fish Called Wanda, Robocop, Total Recall, Pride and Prejudice, Lady and the Tramp, Venture Brothers Seasons 1 and 2, Casino, The Life Aquatic, and The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Today I started faintly sketching a family of gypsy characters because...I've got Cabin Fever? My body is still sick, but my mind is really tired of it. I'm achy, coughy, exhausted, and more than anything super annoyed that I'm still all of these things.

Here's to hoping the flu breaks tomorrow. Please hope with me. In the meantime, here's hoping tonight isn't a repeat of this.

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