Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Most Delightful Wedding!

Preston called the bank I used to work at one day a couple of years ago. He was patched through to my desk, and when I picked up the receiver I was greeted with, "I know she's the one. I'm going to ask Kaela to marry me. Do you think it's too soon?"

I won't confess here how early this was in their relationship, that's a story for them to regale the grandkids with someday. I will say that from the moment Preston fell for Kaela, he knew--and knew without a doubt--that she was the one. Being one of his closest pals it didn't surprise me, I could see the happy change in him since meeting her and wholeheartedly seconded the motion. As would everyone else who knew them and observed how wonderfully they complimented one another. From the moment they began dating they were in tune, they were in step (sometimes as they hop down stairs arm in arm, quite literally) and most importantly they were the best of friends.

Ryan and I journeyed back to Rhode Island two weeks ago for their wedding, and it was absolutely beautiful. They choose a 1920s circus theme and pulled it off without a hitch. I had the honor of sharing the role of best man with our friend Dan. Many of our other guy pals made up Preston's grooms party. Yesterday we were all teenagers roasting marshmallows at camp outs and playing Dungeons and Dragons. Today we were standing beside Preston while he waited for his new bride to walk down the aisle. That's the kind of thing you don't realize in high school, where those friendships are going to take you, and all the great moments you're going to get to witness in each other's lives. Those friendships that last a lifetime, and transcend into family.

The photos are still coming in, but here's a small taste of what was truly the most fun wedding I've attended. 

Tim, Preston, and Dan wedding day brunchin' at
Crazy Burger in Narragansett, RI
Nelson, Ryan, James, and Dan on our very fun
adventure to find belts for the groomsmen!
Tim directs folks hanging a sign as we decorate the
Narragansett Towers for the Wedding
Preston and Kaela during the ceremony.
Photo by Jamie Dufault
Kaela and the lovely bridal party.
Photo by Jamie Dufault

Preston and the grooms party at attention.
Photo by Jamie Dufault
Oh that whacky wedding party!
Photo by Jamie Dufault
Preston and Kaela, est. 2011
Photo by Jamie Dufault


  1. I love the groomsmen picture, because I like that Mikey is hilariously staring off in some other direction in pure Mikey style. Hahah.

    But it looks like it was lovely from the photos!

  2. And now I realize you were all staring off to the side. Fail. Well, it is 7:50am.

  3. It was a a really fun day that started the previous evening! From slapping Georgia when she put a cigarette in her mouth, to eating at Crazy Burger, to dancing at the wedding :D

  4. I couldn't have asked for a better time!

  5. I want to do another post when there are more pictures of some of the groomsmen adventures/antics starting the night before. I have never had so much fun at a wedding!

  6. Love the pictures and the story. People can know each other for years and aren't ready to get married and others are just meant to be from the start. That is how I think of Kaela and Preston, meant to be from the start.


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