Sunday, May 29, 2011

Looking into Santa Monica Beach Permits

Ryan displaying the fortune Zoltar the Fortune Telling
Robot gave me at the Santa Monica Pier.
Ryan and I loved Santa Monica beach when we visited there in April with Preston, Kaela, and Megan. Today  we looked into what we would need to do to get married there in August. We read the do's and don'ts for getting married at the Santa Monica State Beach/Palisades Park and it turns out it's pretty darn easy to hold a wedding ceremony there! Not only does is no permit required, but you can build a stage if you need to? WHAT? You're not allowed to stake anything into the ground however, and this breaks my heart because I've recently fallen for bunting. I don't know why, don't ask me why, it's just a fact. Whatever madness it is that takes over brides has crept into me in the form of bunting, I suddenly have a need for it in my life. (In shades of blues and oranges). I had been hoping to perhaps erect some simple poles with bunting, and it's hard to prop up poles without stickin' 'em in the ground.

Parasols are a second madness which have taken hold of me--and Ryan too, as it turns out he loves the idea of having some parasols at the beach wedding. It was the kind of idea I was hoping he would talk me out of, but instead he thinks they're adorable and now I'm trapped in unbearable, impending cuteness. As an incredibly fair skinned person, a parasol might actually be the most practical item to obtain for a beach wedding. However as I looked this morning I had a difficult time finding something simple. Every parasol I came across had feathers or streamers or giant flowers, or a monogrammed letter (and try throwing a giant "F" on something without making it look obscene). I'll keep searching and hopefully I can locate parasols in simple shades, maybe with a few painted blossoms or birds.

Thank you, Google Image Search, for this random beautiful photo
of the Santa Monica Pier!

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