Thursday, May 05, 2011

Because every girl needs a robot apron.

Nana Irene holding me when I was a newborn.
Mom says she was full of non-stop energy
and excitement her entire life.
My Nana Irene had a saying, "We're good to ourselves!" She said it whenever she and my Mom (her granddaughter, on the family tree) would sneak a late night bowl of ice cream or buy something a little frivolous. She never missed an opportunity to do something lovely on a whim. This is a woman who painted all the furniture in her house some new bright matching color 2-3 times a year just because. (We have a rocking chair of hers that has countless layers of paint). She cut out birds and flowers from magazines and painstakingly pasted them in pretty scenes to her bureau drawers. When she passed away they found handwritten notes in her desk detailing color theory, copied from encyclopedias at the library as far as my Mom and her brothers could tell. Over the years "We're good to ourselves!" has become a kind of sweet echo from the past, a gentle reminder to take the time to do something nice and completely, wonderfully unnecessary for ourselves as a treat. My Mom will say it over hot buttered lobster rolls in the summer or a new pair of mittens (when the old ones would do just fine) in the winter.

Last week I bought myself a gift--an apron with a retro robot print from the absolutely divine etsy shop Boojiboo. Amy already owns three of this gifted lady's aprons, two with skulls and one with cupcakes, and they are all adorable! Boojiboo's designs are so feminine and flattering and her choice in patterns is terrific. I can't imagine where the heck she finds some of these fabrics! For a few months I've had my eye on the retro robot and the classic horror movie prints. One day last week they were both in the shop, and before I could even click on the 50s horror print with its wonderful Frankenstein and Dracula ghouls--it was sold! I snapped up the robot print as quickly as I could, as Ryan tried to purchase the exact same apron as a gift for me after I shared the link with him. When thwarted he bought these astronaut glasses instead from the Bread and Badger--another shop I can't get enough of. What can I say? He's a sweetheart.

Baking is my favorite hobby and being a clutz comes naturally, so believe me when I tell you I spill a lot of flour. This apron will see a lot of action in our kitchen.

It arrived today and I wasted no time tying its lovely yellow polka dotted straps around my waist. As I stepped back from the mirror I immediately smiled and said to no one in particular, "We're good to ourselves." I think Nana Irene would have approved.

A somewhat-blurry-but-very-happy photo of me cooking
tacos in my new apron tonight.


  1. I've actually had my eye on that shop for a while, months, really - wanting to know how the aprons really are. I want the sunflower one. I need an apron, and I want to get them from there. I'm glad to hear they're worth it!

  2. They are so worth it! The seams are strong and beautifully sewn, the straps tie so the apron is entirely adjustable, and it's so flattering. I love it!


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