Monday, April 04, 2011

Libraries in trouble: An Excellent Article

Amy wrote an excellent article about the state of libraries, and I just have to share it. Please take a moment to read it here.

To really put it into perspective, she is that strong of a writer, has a master's degree in library science, and can't currently get a job because of continual cuts to public libraries! It drives me crazy. My Mom is a librarian, so it's already a cause close to my heart. Amy is a hysterical, intelligent, hard working, dedicated individual, and her article is a real wake up call to how much we need libraries now more than ever.


  1. Such a great article! Libraries are pretty much the last affordable resource for quality entertainment. My family's financial situation isn't even as sketchy as a lot of other families', and the library is still indispensable to me. What will happen if/when most libraries are closed down for "lack of funding"? Aren't there less useful programs that can be cut in favor of libraries, considering how important they are?

  2. I like your blog. Great Article....Daniel

  3. Exactly! What I loved about Amy's article is she went into the exact programs that make the libraries so necessary. There have to be government programs that are less useful to the public that can be put on hold while the economy struggles--everyone needs libraries!


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