Monday, April 04, 2011

A Feature on Creativity Unmasked!

I woke up this morning to find a conversation in my etsy box from Laura, the reviewer and author of the marvelous Australian blog "Creativity Unmasked", telling me that my print 'Rainy Day Hedgehog' was featured on her site! What a lovely start to a busy day! The internet never ceases to amaze me, here I am, sitting in Washington and someone in Australia is emailing me to tell me they liked my work enough to post it on their own blog. What a wonderful world when it comes to people, huh? You watch the news and it's all wars and disasters, but in reality there are new friends everywhere you look. Please click here to see my print on Laura's wonderful blog reviewing art and handmade crafts.

This day--this know what? This month is going to be crazy busy. I like busy though. I've spent the morning mailing etsy orders and photographing my 'Easter Critters'. Now I'm nomming some cereal and editing the photos. Hopefully I can have some bunnies and chicks posted for sale in my shop by this afternoon. I'll be sure to share my progress through the day!

I'm finishing up the touches on a birthday present for a friend, and then much of the next four days is going to be a whirlwind of dewing and printing, printing and sewing as I prepare two print shipments for Live Wire Boutique and Incredible Threads and get ready for the Snohomish Craft Bazaar. The sewing is more for the bazaar, I have the sneaking suspicion that my fuzzy critters are much more irresistible in real life vs. photos and I want to test it out!

And now I'm off running again, I'll post some photos of the Easter critters shortly!

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