Saturday, April 30, 2011

Colored Linens

Ryan and I want a beach wedding, hopefully followed by relaxing on the beach. While we're not really sure exactly what we will be doing for food (Ryan seriously wants to get pepperoni and vegetarian pizzas delivered to the beach) we are fairly certain that there may be a picnic element to our wedding day.

And so a couple of days ago we went down to the wonderful world of Good Will and purchased many white, orange, and blue linens. We managed to find some sturdy fabrics to keep the sand at bay (GET IT?), and some light breezy, gauzy patterns as well. And after years of teasing folks planning weddings about 'obsessing over the color of their napkins' we managed to find blue, orange, and white cloth napkins for our pizza fingers. All for about $40. I should mention blue and orange are favorite colors of mine, so these linens will have a place in our house for years to come. As I laid them out back at home I discovered curtains, table clothes, and sheets and was delighted. Even if we decide to go out for dinner somewhere afterwards, we will have a pretty place for our 8-9 guests to sit during the ceremony. 

While our wedding is still a few months away, Preston and Kaela's will be next month, and I can finally show a few of the posters I have been working on:


  1. Oh my good gracious those posters are so precious. so So cute! I am so mad I wont be there. grr. The linens are so great too, I love the color choices!

  2. I'm so sad you won't be there, I was so excited to finally meet you in person! However, I'm sure we will meet for real someday soon. We'll try to keep Tim from moping too hard! And if you get to come to our little elopement in LA that will be so much fun :) I'm glad you like the colors, it's really fun trying to hunt them down. Blues are so much easier to find than anything in orange! Locating brooches and linens in orange is like a treasure hunt.


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