Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Clockwork Widow and Time Weaver are coming home.

Detail of the Clockwork Widow
For the last three months my paintings 'The Clockwork Widow' and 'The Time Weaver' have been up on display at AFK Tavern. It is a marvelous local gaming establishment where folks can play table top style games. Yes I mean Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Munchkin, Warhammer, all the classics guaranteed to get you serious action from the ladies. (Hey, I like them at least!) They also have a ton of flat screen tvs and computers for video games, a steam punk bar, and a Rock Band (as in the game) stage. If you live in the greater Seattle area, check it out!

On Thursday the display contract runs up, and my work comes home for a spell. These are the only two paintings in the lot of work I hung up, the rest were prints. They're bigger than my usual works, each measuring about 15x22 inches. They're possibly bound for RI to one of the stores I will be selling work in so that folks back home can see them in person. However, I think before they go anywhere I'll take the time to perhaps add a painting of "The Bear Queen" and make their duo a collection.

The Clockwork Widow

The Time Weaver


  1. This set of paintings is awesome! Echo SophieLouise's sentiments completely! Are they on display in Rhode Island right now or waiting patiently for 'The Bear Queen's fashionably late arrival to the scene? :) Would love to see the originals!

  2. They're not in RI yet, but there's a chance they could be heading there for display in a few months. I'm aiming to have 'The Bear Queen' ready to travel with them at that time! She is sketched, but needs some paint on those pencil bones. :)

  3. Received my print in the mail, it is so awesome, I love it!! Was showing it to my family today and will be getting it framed to put on display :) My family was really impressed with your artwork. Water colour (Going British here for a moment, haha) is such a show stopping medium in my eyes and the quality of the print is spot on. Very very happy to have it! My mom loved the penguin on the back of your card.

    Such a fan of your work! Keep at it!

  4. Fantastic! Thank you for being such of a fan of my work Chris :D I'm happy to hear your family likes it too--and thrilled that your Mom loves the tiny penguin portrait on the back of the card! I try to have little somethings that can be tacked up as itty bitty artwork if possible. :)


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