Saturday, April 30, 2011

Colored Linens

Ryan and I want a beach wedding, hopefully followed by relaxing on the beach. While we're not really sure exactly what we will be doing for food (Ryan seriously wants to get pepperoni and vegetarian pizzas delivered to the beach) we are fairly certain that there may be a picnic element to our wedding day.

And so a couple of days ago we went down to the wonderful world of Good Will and purchased many white, orange, and blue linens. We managed to find some sturdy fabrics to keep the sand at bay (GET IT?), and some light breezy, gauzy patterns as well. And after years of teasing folks planning weddings about 'obsessing over the color of their napkins' we managed to find blue, orange, and white cloth napkins for our pizza fingers. All for about $40. I should mention blue and orange are favorite colors of mine, so these linens will have a place in our house for years to come. As I laid them out back at home I discovered curtains, table clothes, and sheets and was delighted. Even if we decide to go out for dinner somewhere afterwards, we will have a pretty place for our 8-9 guests to sit during the ceremony. 

While our wedding is still a few months away, Preston and Kaela's will be next month, and I can finally show a few of the posters I have been working on:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Sketchbook Project 2012

Last year I stumbled upon Art House Co-op's "The Sketchbook Project", and immediately fell in love with the idea. This morning I signed up for the 2012 project, and I wanted to post the link here in case any of my fellow creative friends want to join up!

You can find The Sketchbook Project 2012 and its rules and terms here.

There are 40 or so themes to choose from, (including really open themes like 'untitled') so you'll have a good chance of giving yourself a theme to fit your own personality. I picked Time Traveler, and I will be sharing my pages here as I go. I encourage other folks to join! My friends who have participated in this project really enjoyed it and it made them draw subjects they might not have ever considered as they worked to fill their pages through their theme.

In other news, we visited Preston, Kaela, and Megan in LA for Easter weekend. I have been working the past week or so on Freak Show posters for Preston and Kaela's circus themed wedding on May 20th. (Which is one reason nothing has been posted in a bit, I'm sorry. I don't want to show the work here because we'd all like them to be a surprise to guests on the big day! Afterwards, I will share!)

Preston and I relaxing on the porch at Megan's house.

Ryan and I at the Santa Monica Pier.

As the world watches the Royal Wedding, those in the know are closely
following the wedding of this lovely couple, Preston and Kaela! 

Megan and I out to lunch with Ryan and Preston at Venice Beach.

It was so, so wonderful to spend time with them. Megan and I delighted in the fact that soon we will be sister in laws. Preston and Ryan bonded over a Goofy Movie. Kaela shared her amazingly beautiful and oh-so-dang-tasty cupcakes with us. (Kaela works for The Frosted Cupcakery in Hollywood, CA and can be seen here demonstrating their deliciousness on the KCAL9 LA morning news show).

Ryan and I once again got to dreaming about finally moving to Southern California. We love our Washington friends, but it would be really wonderful to live closer to Megan, Preston, and Kaela--actual family and near-actual family. The weather is beautiful, the opportunities for Ryan's profession are grand--and heck, I just want to work at the cupcakery! Maybe someday.

For the meantime, we'll settle for getting married there in August. We've got our sights set on the Santa Monica Pier for a location, now we're just looking into whether or not we would need a permit!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

True Love

The past couple of weeks have been very busy, I'm sorry I have not been blogging more frequently. The last few days I have been working on the Freak Show posters for Preston and Kaela's wedding, and in my 'research' I stumbled across the story of Al and Jeanie Tomaini and just had to pause to share!

Click here to read how a circus giant fell in love with the half girl.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Clockwork Widow and Time Weaver are coming home.

Detail of the Clockwork Widow
For the last three months my paintings 'The Clockwork Widow' and 'The Time Weaver' have been up on display at AFK Tavern. It is a marvelous local gaming establishment where folks can play table top style games. Yes I mean Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Munchkin, Warhammer, all the classics guaranteed to get you serious action from the ladies. (Hey, I like them at least!) They also have a ton of flat screen tvs and computers for video games, a steam punk bar, and a Rock Band (as in the game) stage. If you live in the greater Seattle area, check it out!

On Thursday the display contract runs up, and my work comes home for a spell. These are the only two paintings in the lot of work I hung up, the rest were prints. They're bigger than my usual works, each measuring about 15x22 inches. They're possibly bound for RI to one of the stores I will be selling work in so that folks back home can see them in person. However, I think before they go anywhere I'll take the time to perhaps add a painting of "The Bear Queen" and make their duo a collection.

The Clockwork Widow

The Time Weaver

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Few Words on the Life of a Rat

He came to me on a spring day not unlike today. I already owned two adult male rats, Rex and Vlad, and as Rex was elderly I had thought it best to get a third to keep Vlad company. I had ordered an adult male, and imagine my surprise when I opened the box and a tiny baby rat poked his curly head up at me.

I almost didn't take him. I worried Rex and Vlad, two giants, would be rough with the little guy. When I reached my finger in to stroke his head, he took it in his two paws and happily licked me hello. Hey, who could resist? And when Rex and Vlad encountered him at home, they were just as charmed. They would wrestle the heck out of each other, but had only cuddles and the occasional lick to offer this tiny newcomer.

The new baby rat and myself, in the spring of 2008.
From top to bottom, Vlad, Rex, and the new baby spooning.

You can really see just how tiny he was compared to
the fully grown Rex.
I named him Atticus, after Atticus Finch in Harper Lee's 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. He was covered in a sparse and curling sort of grey and white fuzz, and went prematurely bald as he matured into a young adult. He was a friendly, gentle creature from the start. When Rex, a grumpy curmudgeon of a rat, faded in his old age it was Atticus who kept him company and brought him cheerios from the morning bowl of goodies. He stayed by old Rex to the end, though the cage now had other young rats he could have been playing with.

An elderly Rex kept company by a loyal Atticus.

Atticus loved people, and he was the first to greet anyone.
From left to right, Sherlock, Atticus, and Gabe.
He was the first to greet everyone who came to the cage door, be it rodent or human. The rodents he would investigate with a few friendly sniffs and warm nudges, the humans he would greet as he first greeted me. He'd grasp their finger firmly in both paws, and lick the fingertip for a few moments. For a rat he had a good, sturdy handshake.

He outlived Vlad and Rex, and came to share his cage with a pair of brothers, Gabriel and Sherlock. Each had sleeky, shiny coats, and folks would go to pet them over the balding, fuzzy, pink skinned Atticus. However, Gabe was skittish and Sherlock was a nibbler. Eventually Atticus won everyone over with his eager reach, and that tiny embrace he locked onto your finger. He was a people rat. When he was taken out of the cage Atticus didn't roam far. He was content to sit in a lap and relax. He examined beards. He licked cheeks.

Atticus stepping onto my face about two years ago.
When a troublesome Siamese kitten came to live with us, Atticus's infinite patience was tested. And while Sherlock gave the explorer-kitten a good chomp on the paw, Atticus was content to let the kitten smell his whiskers from behind the bars. He would sniff at the kitten as well, and as Elvis grew into a cat the two shared many evenings facing each other peacefully, blinking in comfortable curiosity at one another.

Elvis visiting with Atticus.
Elvis and Atticus.

Atticus had as much patience when it came to other rats. When Sherlock sadly passed from a brain tumor, Gabe and Atticus were left as two beta males--and neither ever established dominance. They just made a life together in ease, sharing food and bedding without squabbles. Gabe was a nervous, shy rodent, and Atticus never took advantage.
Atticus relaxing with Ryan last summer.

When Atticus was two years old, we all drove cross country to live in Washington. I had worried he might be stressed from the strain of the trip--and I could not have been more mistaken. From his cage Atticus stuck his little head in the direction of the open car window like a tiny dog, sucking in the fresh air of foreign places. Ryan fed him cheezits and grapes, many of which he handed over to Gabe. The two sunbathed in the car during the day and dined on scraps of hotel room food at night. Elvis on the other hand shook the first two days, and when he was allowed to roam he would stick to the side of the rat cage where his tiny enemies had turned into hometown allies.

A blurry photo of an elderly Atticus comforting a sick
kitten named Beatrix that Ryan and I took in last
Autumn who had F.I.P. Though instinctively Atticus
must have known the dangers of cats, his sweetness
came first. She loved him, and he was a great friend
to Beatrix during her short life.
Atticus at the time had been my only rat purchased from a breeder, and he outlived many of his pet store bought cage mates. Pet store rats are overbred and prone to respiratory problems and tumors. He lived beyond Vlad, Rex,  Sherlock, Gabriel, and Lionel. This spring he was three years old, ancient for a rat. He was sharing a cage with Ulysses (the shy and wheezy brother of the late Lionel) and Virgil, (a spry young fellow bought from a wonderful breeder). His fur was thinner than ever, his bones delicately pushed against his skin--like any old man, he was frail. Age had weakened his hind legs, but he still dragged himself about to eat and socialize. He'd still grab my finger, now with only one paw as the other he needed on the floor to steady himself. He had greeted Virgil's arrival kindly, and endured the young punk's over eager hopping and climbing. He left the dominance wrestling to Ulysses and the kid, he'd never been one to boss anyone around. And he spent his afternoons snoozing in the sunlight or sniffing the whiskers of the curious kitten poking his nose into the cage, Puck. The past week he had been slowing down, sleeping more and more. Last night after I helped him to some water, I stroked his head for a few moments. He lifted it shakily and licked my finger before settling down for the night.

Atticus and I relaxing on the couch one evening a few weeks ago.

This morning we woke up to find Atticus had passed away in his sleep. He was on his tummy, his eyes were closed peacefully. A gentle end for a gentle creature. We wrapped him in white fleece, and had a hard time saying good bye. He had come to me a baby, and in a short time left older than I'll be in forty years. My little old man. Elvis watched us take him from the cage in alarm. A little while later Elvis crawled under Ryan's legs on the couch and stayed hidden there, something he never does. He heaved deep sighs, and slow blinks. He was sulking. We were too. The three of us laid quietly on the couch a long time, as Puck and Virgil played through the cage beside us like another young rat and kitten did years before.

I raised Atticus from a baby into an adult, and can take no credit for his good behavior and disposition. He brought those with him in that little box three springs ago. He won over everyone who met him: rat, human, and cat alike. He was good. Simply said, he was good. Rat or not, he was a being worth a few written words of admiration on his exceptional kindness and good nature.

I like to think when he met St. Peter this morning, he took his finger in his paws and licked hello. A young rat again, a little stronger, a little fuzzier, but the sweetest all the same.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Bunny Stationery

The original pencil drawing, about
2-3 inches or so in my sketchbook. 
I was about to run out of stationery and preparing to spend $4-6 on a new pack when it hit me: "Wait a minute, I MAKE PICTURES."

Sometimes I just forget, I swear.

So I drew up this enchanting, fuzzy lady sitting at a desk with a bird nearby. I added some lines to guide my letter writing and viola! Personalized stationery! (Hey--I'm pretty excited about it, at least).

I colored the pencil sketch by "staining" the lines in photoshop. I love this technique, I've done it for several years in strictly browns. I scan a pencil sketch and bring it into photoshop. I size it however I want, choose a medium brown hue, and turn the airbrush in photoshop to "overlay". Then I bring the size of the brush to 1500-2500, big enough to hit the whole work evenly. I only spray it 2-3 times, and it's the last spray you have to watch for because it can yellow the work if you're not careful. (And not in a good way, it looks like a mistake because it is). After this I go in with a smaller sized brush to target the specific lines and areas I want darker, and then adjust with the dodge and burn.This was this first multicolor drawing I tried out. It started off just being brown, but I couldn't resist giving her a rosy nose and pink ears. Then I tried out her eyes. The stickers and the rest just happened, and I rolled with it. Don't be afraid to play, it's a good way to discover results instead of looking for them.

Bunny and Bird, colored.

I think I like this technique so much because it's a modern way to make an illustration look old fashioned, if that makes sense?  It takes an evenly hued sketch and just kinda scratches and weathers it up a bit. I'm left handed so a lot of my penciling gets smudged, and this works with that issue not against it.

Family and close friends, yes that is "the" Bunny. How I have always seen her, anyway. I can't wait to write some new notes!

A example of the upper corner of the page.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Jim Henson for President

There's speculation that Donald Trump is preparing to run for president in the next election. Really? Arnold Schwarzenegger running California into the ground hasn't taught the nation that celebrities as politicians is a bad idea? Reading this amid my frustration over our government's impending possible shut down all but put me over the edge. What celebrity could possible turn our nation back in the right direction? Martha Stewart? After all, the woman can do anything. Still I couldn't see her as president. There was no celebrity I could think of from my lifetime capable of leading a nation,...but then I remembered the late Jim Henson.

Let's try it out. Would you rather have
a conversation with Donald Trump....
...Or Jim Henson?

Henson/Frog for 2012!
I set my chin on my palm and thought about it. If Jim Henson were still living and he put in his bid for a 2012 campaign, I could have gotten behind that. Imagine a ticket with Jim Henson for president and Kermit as his running mate (of course). If he won, he could easily bring in all his own people. A cabinet full of brightly colored, fuzzy monsters, with Sweetums the head of secret service. Fozzy Bear would lead the national wildlife commission. Miss Piggy would be secretary of state, ready to settle any threat with a swift karate chop and a "HI-YAH!" Dr. Honey Dew Bunsen and Beaker could oversee the FDA. The Swedish chef would be ambassador to Sweden. And Jim Henson would establish new positions like the Secretary of Kindness and create the International League of Friendship to research things like 'words for old friends who've just met'.

Sweetums briefs the press on President Henson's safety.
The ambassadors for Sweden and Mexico face off.
President Henson's Nominee for the Secretary of Kindness.

Should frogs be allowed
to marry pigs?
He would listen to the common people. Sam Eagle would ask for a return to real patriotism,  bring jobs back, support American industries, support American growth. Gonzo would defend the love between frogs and pigs, between a chicken and a whatever, and the right to marry whomever one chooses. Rowlf would speak up for the arts and the importance of music and creativity. Big Bird would rally to protect public television and reform education. And Emmet Otter, cap humbly in paw, would tell President Henson just how hard it is for folks right now.

How much alike we are....
Crazy Harry with his love of explosions would certainly do his part to head the military. And Animal would always be ready to shout in defense of our nation. However, when a country threatened violence it would be Kermit walking out onto the battlefield to ask, "Wait a minute...How did it get to this?" And the other nation would rant, and Animal would yell "WAR, WAR, WAR, FIGHT!" and Kermit would calmly tell everyone to just settle down, just stop it already. "Crazy Harry, do you really want to hurt someone?" He would appeal to the other side, too. He would hold Animal back. He would shake his arms like crazy and holler a few times because disagreements are frustrating, but in the end Kermit would never let anyone be killed whether they be white, black, tan, or green. Not for any reason, end of story.

The part of Jim Henson that was Kermit wouldn't either. When I was younger and first voting I heard over and over that we need a candidate who can stand up to outside threats and I believed it wholeheartedly. Now a few years and two wars later, I've learned differently. I was wrong. We were wrong, we don't need that. We need a good person. One truly good person who will unwaveringly always do the right thing. Who will look out for us and our enemies and choose fair over fear. Who will be the voice of reason in a frightening hour.
Brian Henson has a story about his father. Once they returned to their car in a New York garage to discover a camera and Jim Henson's wallet had been stolen from it. Brian said his father responded with, "I guess they needed it more than I do." They drove home and Henson never mentioned it again. He had known lean times before his fame, and now he had two successful tv shows, several films, a wife, kids, and a warm house. A lot of men would have fumed. Can you even imagine if someone stole Donald Trump's wallet? He'd make certain we heard about it endlessly on every channel. There would be a manhunt. Jim Henson just let it go, he had more to spare, someone else had been desperate, and he understood that. That's how a man leads, when he chooses how to react within his own heart, not through a world of anger or entitlement. 
A president Sam Eagle can believe in.

We elected an actor to be president in the 80's. A mere actor. We elected another actor as governor of California, and a wrestler to govern Minnesota (actually, the wrestler didn't do too bad--but then again, I just might be biased because I adore Jesse Ventura). Now there's talk of a real estate mogul turned reality tv star possibly running for president. Jim Henson created his own worlds from scratch. He was a pioneer and a true auteur, writing, directing, developing new special effects, inventing filming techniques, innovating design, and radically improving the way we teach information. There was a depth and an intelligence in this man that is uncommon. The popularity of his work is a credit to his imagination and his heart. The Muppet Show is watched all over the world and Sesame Street has 20 international independent versions, it's shown in 120 countries. Jim Henson communicated in two universal languages: love and humor. He cared about how children grew and how adults treated each other. He believed in dreams and encouraged us all to be the best we can be. He was the only person in entertainment I would have ever voted for. I don't care how much money Donald Trump has: He's cheap. Men like him are a dime a dozen. The Jim Hensons of the world are all too rare, which is why I suppose the man upstairs wanted his company a little sooner.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Steampunk Easter Egg

Steampunk Easter Egg by Friston.
I just found this on etsy and had to share. How adorable is this little gentleman egg? This is by Friston Hookano and his shop can be found here.

I can't get over his spiral hat with the light bulb! And that jaunty mustache! I can just picture him walking out from my books, exploring my desk on his way to his next adventure.

8 Things to Remember Spawns a Few Good Things to Ponder!

My blogging pal Mary read my last post, and it got her to write this wonderful review of love and joy. She said I didn't have to share it, but I really just had to, it's quite lovely! You can read it for yourself here.

I'm really pleased with how folks have responded to my last post throughout the land of the internet. I think I'm most excited for the strangers sharing it on tumblr and opensalon, because it gives me hope that it's reaching some people it will benefit!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

8 Things to Remember When You're Searching for Love

The past two weeks or so, whether I'm glancing over Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr, my newsfeeds are full of broken hearts. Mostly awesome ladies I know who are great catches. There's nothing wrong with being single, but sometimes you just don't want to be. Sometimes you're seeing someone who keeps putting you second or you're fresh out of a break up. Sometimes you're out rollerskating and they call everyone off the floor for the couples only skate.
I wrote down 8 things I wish someone had told me when I was looking for my other half. Some of it I learned along the way, some was told to me during my search, and some I can only see now. Now I want to share it with you ladies (and gentlemen too, if there are any gentlemen reading this).
1. Love Yourself: We've all heard this, and it may seem obvious. "You'll never be able to love someone until you love yourself." True enough, but look at it another way: If you don't even like you, chances are you're going to make everyone just as miserable as you make yourself. So cut yourself some slack. When you make mistakes, forgive yourself and learn the lesson. When you're feeling down, do something sweet for yourself. Brighten up your own day whether it's a relaxing bath, a favorite episode of a tv show, or that necklace you've been eyeing. Court yourself with kindness and you may find out you like you after all. Fall in love with yourself and the world will fall in love with you. Walk into a room already looking forward to showing everyone how awesome you are. And you are awesome. It sounds corny, but you're the only you there's going to be and you're the best person to showcase you. Everyone's only got (if you're lucky) about 70 years to see this rare and beautiful creature that will be you, so don't steal any of that time away from the world by moping somewhere alone. Go shine.
2. Develop a Routine--and Like It: What is your idea of a perfect day off? Well, guess what, you can do it. Bicycle rides into town, lunch at the local bistro, strolls through vintage shops, painting beside a sunny window, reading next to a radio, tv in bed, a dash to the gym, ignoring the gym, anything you want. Enjoy your time and make the most of it. Spend your free time doing whatever is most fun for you so that when you do meet someone, you'll know if they're really worth cutting into that schedule. The right person will fall right into place. The wrong person will waste an evening you could have spent listening to your favorite band's new album in the bathtub. Cultivate the life you want in your free time, so your time is a little more valuable than dinner and a movie with your cousin's co-worker (who's probably not the one anyway. And you could have been laughing at 30 Rock with your friends!)
3. Take Care of Yourself: Forget dieting and eating right to look good. Watch what you eat because you're going to feel awful if you just pile crap into your face all the time. Take brisk walks, go jogging, do some jumping jacks because you'll be in a better mood if you're a little active. Pamper your skin, play with make up, curl/straighten your hair. If you go day to day throwing yourself together very soon you're going to be standing in front of a mirror at 3am in bad bathroom lighting thinking, "My God...This is what I look like." No, it's not. It's 3am. You've spent the week living off junk food and now it's been almost 24 hours since you've slept. You just need a moisturizer or maybe some mascara. Honey, Marilyn Monroe didn't wake up looking like Marilyn Monroe. Do it for yourself. Whatever it takes to look in the mirror and feel like a million bucks--do it for you. Eat healthy, robust meals. Get fresh air on a walk. Set a bed time, and stick to it. Spend a Wednesday night getting full blown pretty; hair done, nails did, everything big. This goes back to loving yourself. You're worth a little extra care, whether you're looking to impress anyone or not.
4. Have Projects: Commit yourself to the things you're passionate about. Don't just go to work, hang out with friends, and go to bed. If you love animals, volunteer at a pet shelter. If you love cooking, take a pastry class. If you love art, paint or go to gallery openings. Pursue your interests, develop your skills, flex your personality. Be a full person. The side projects you work on, whether it's a novel, a comic, a garden, or a collection of vintage spoon rings, they're going to enrich you. This goes right along with developing a routine you love. Create the life you want without waiting for some invisible partner to carry it for you. You can invite the right person into this later, and if the wrong person shows up you're not going to let them waste time you could be using to write jokes for your stand up routine.
5. Have Close Friends of "That" Gender: When you have no close friends of the gender you're looking to pair with, they can easily become this weird creature you don't understand. When someone of that gender comes into your life, even if they're a real dud, you may accept this loser for what guys or girls are like. Some of my closest friends are men. I know what is good behavior for a guy and what is bad behavior. It was hard for guys I dated to hide behind 'boys will be boys' when the boys I knew respected and valued women as equals and not enemies. Friends of the gender you're after can give their opinions when you bring one of their kind around. They will look out for you, and tell it to you straight. They can also form a posse if someone treats you badly (and probably will).
6. Love is Real, Hold Out For It: We're a society that pays top dollar for the latest video game. We wait for the best iPad, iPod, iPen, etc. We look for the organic label on apples. And then we pass on true love, thinking it's this outdated, impossible thing. We date a guy we went to school with or met at the bar. They're good looking enough, they're nice enough, they've already put in a year or two. Maybe there's no 'spark' there, maybe a bell didn't go off, no fireworks or butterflies, but hey, they've got a pulse and all your friends are planning their weddings. Pump the brakes, Speedracer. Love is the greatest thing there is on the planet, ask almost every movie, song, book, or poem. Don't settle for "like". The only thing worse than having loved and lost is meeting your soul mate six months after you married Mr. Alright. Have some patience, have some faith, and give yourself some credit. 
7. Spend Some Time With Couples in Good Relationships: When you're single it can be rough to endure a happy couple's pet names and inside jokes, but tough it out. Listen to the people who are doing it right. Your friend who just broke up with her boyfriend of six months and your other friend who's seeing a guy who won't dump his live in girlfriend can only give you horrible relationship advice. You're not going to ask a bum for financial tips, so stop listening to your single friends who tell you it's hopeless. When I was single there were 2-3 couples I could look to who were genuinely happy. Their real love easily overshadowed any temporary "like" I found as I waded through the dating pool. Their examples kept me grounded through infatuation and gave me realistic expectations to keep searching for something that felt unreal. My own parents are divorced, so I also sought out the advice of my friend's happily married parents. Most of the things they told me are on this list.
8: Let Life Happen: Think about your three closest friends. Write their names down, and beside each: How did you meet them? What was your first impression of them? Were you great friends right away or did it take time? Did you meet on a night you went out looking for a lifetime friend? Chances are it was random and it just happened naturally. When it comes right down to it, your other half is going to be the person you share candlelight dinners with, sure. However, they're also going to be the person you're stuck in traffic with. You're going to share a lot of waiting rooms anticipating good and bad news. You're going to face sleepless nights sharing the same worries. You're going to eat the same meals, watch the same movies, share a tv, a bed, and a bathroom. They better be the best friend you've ever been lucky enough to find, or your life is going to be dreadful. You're going to know the same people, love the same shows, be shocked at the same scandals, chase the same dreams, and support each other through every awful flu (you the one when you can't stop pooping?) This is the closest you'll ever be to someone. Friends come to us randomly, wonderfully, without warning. Let love come to you the same way.
So live your life--fully--love yourself, care for yourself, know there's love out there, study the evidence for it in your happy friends, and let it come to you. It may already even be there. Ryan and I were friends for about seven years before our first date. He was the guy who made me laugh the hardest, who loved my web comic, and who now keeps me up cracking jokes at night.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Libraries in trouble: An Excellent Article

Amy wrote an excellent article about the state of libraries, and I just have to share it. Please take a moment to read it here.

To really put it into perspective, she is that strong of a writer, has a master's degree in library science, and can't currently get a job because of continual cuts to public libraries! It drives me crazy. My Mom is a librarian, so it's already a cause close to my heart. Amy is a hysterical, intelligent, hard working, dedicated individual, and her article is a real wake up call to how much we need libraries now more than ever.

Photos from this morning, and some new plushies for sale!

Here are some of the photos I took this morning:

I'm pleased with how they came out, and wish I could take more of a breather to enjoy them! I have them listed finally, and you can see them here:

White Bunnies
Brown Bunnies
Fluffy Chicks

I can't help but feel like they won't sell in my etsy shop. I dunno, sadly my plush creatures just don't seem to. I took a lot of care in keeping the wording succinct--and Amy saved me from a terrible typo, thank goodness!--and getting photos to really show the overall 'fuzz appeal'. I have been sewing quite a few of these little guys, because I suspect (hope) they will be a bigger success when folks see them in person at the Snohomish Craft Bazaar!