Monday, March 21, 2011

Webcams: Capturing my idiocy for future generations.

First off, I had just the best day. Ryan and I went to the gym early, then I spent the morning courting local art stores to sell my prints and looking for a wedding dress. Neither of us want a long engagement, so we've got our sights set on August for a wedding date! And believe or not, I already found and bought the dress. I love it so much, and wish I could post some pictures here to share, but naturally I can't risk Ryan catching a peek before the big day! After I bought the dress I met Ryan in downtown Seattle and we got lunch and had my ring resized just a wee bit.

I came home and accidentally figured out my webcam. Since I can't show the photos of my dress, I can at least show you how a few click quickly progressed into nuttiness.

I clicked this one to check the camera's settings....

Uh-oh...I could make faces in this....

...Stupid faces....

I could show I love my cat, Puck.

I can demonstrate how scary unexpected trolls are....

1980's Family Portrait with a troll.

This one went off as I was looking over my ridiculousness.
Proof I crack myself up.


  1. Walter and I didn't want a long engagement, either. He asked me to marry him and less than a week later we had the small ceremony in my grandmother's living room, and then posted it on YouTube for all the world to see.

    I wish we'd gone to Vegas, by ourselves, and just had a quick marriage. No family standing around, making me feel silly. It was cheesy and uncomfortable, but at least we're married!

  2. That sounds lovely. We don't want to wait a long time, and we don't want to spend a fortune or put ourselves on display when we just want something happy, simple, and romantic. Just 3-5 friends and family...and very possibly an afternoon on the beach.

    It's amazing to me how shocked people are when they find out we're getting married in under five months (we're just waiting because Preston's wedding is in May and Ryan has video game tournaments in Vegas in July). I've had two friends ask if I'm expecting! (I'm not, we just really want to be married!). It's like folks have come to believe a couple has to be engaged a minimum of 18 months.


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