Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today I'm featured on "Wave of Life Surf Studio!"

It's only half past noon and already I feel really good about this day. For one thing, I was featured on the art site "Wave of Life Surf Studio" this morning! You can read the feature here. I follow this art blog myself, along with over 600 other folks. Its reviewer Kelly has great taste and never fails to share the wonderful items she's hunted down, whether it be paintings, handmade jewelry, or fantastic natural hairsprays. Whenever I read her blog I'm happily reminded of my cousin Lacy and Ryan's Aunt Joanie and their love of sand and surf!

As I was reading this feature, I was contacted by a new local merchant in Westerly! For folks who do not know a marvelous new art shop is going to be opening across from the Perks and Corks in downtown Westerly sometime in June, possibly even earlier. My bud Jackie is pals with the owner and put me in touch with her yesterday. I'm beyond thrilled that I'll have some work selling back home, and especially delighted it will be in downtown Westerly. Amy and I have spent many a Sunday lounging on the couches in Perks and Corks taking in the eclectic furnishings and the delicious coffees, chai, and goodies! (Now that I drink coffee I miss the place all the more). Wilcox park, the library, Herbwise Naturals, and the Other Tiger are favorite haunts back home. Entire afternoons have been spent riding the brass bunny in the park with Gracie, imagining us on incredible adventures, ignoring the looks from strangers that clearly say "Those women on the children's bunny are clearly in their 20's."

Ahem, I will NEVER be too old to ride the brass bunny in the park. I will kick aside my walker to climb onto him, and one day, he'll scamper me to Heaven....Well, him or the Dinosaur-built-for-two in the Wakefield park.

In any case, it's already been a good day and I'm feeling very happy!

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