Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tiny owls, penguins, and hedgehogs oh my!

Nicodemus and Wendall
In the evenings after my painting is finished for the day I've been sewing. It keeps my fingers busy and I like to work the muscles in my hand since gripping a pencil and pushing a paintbrush can get a little weary after several hours. Usually I only sew my little 'pocket pookahs', but this week I made a very tiny owl, penguin, and hedgehog. My kid sister turned 21 yesterday, and so she received the first of my new little creations in the mail.

I believe I'm going to put them up for sale in my shop soon. I've had mixed results selling my pocket pookahs, the little monsters folks can keep in their pockets and squeeze when needed. The results are they don't sell well at all, but the few people who have bought them have all contacted me to tell me they love them? That's worth it to me. I made my own pookahs out of necessity since living on the opposite coast for the first time in my life meant I was a stranger at every party.  As I met new people and went on outings around Seattle to places like the Vintage Mall or Trophy Cupcakes, I found that having a tiny monster in my pocket to squeeze made me feel a little better. A kind of itty bitty security blanket for a grown up. Discreet and fluffy, Wendall was a comfort.
Ryan was pretty excited that the pookahs didn't sell, as he had already squirreled 6-7 of them away, named each of them, and begun walking to work with little stow aways secretly tucked into his pocket. I discovered this when I happily exclaimed, "Ooh! The fat earth pookah sold!" and Ryan replied in horror, "NO, NOT CHARLIE!" Cut to a scene of me sewing a duplicate fat earth pookah at midnight while Ryan sat scribbling away on his drawing tablet with 'Charlie' safe and sound on his knee.  

Gracie's Unnicorn Pookah
My sister Gracie began demanding one pretty much after they were first stitched. We dreamed up a creature years ago called an "Unnicorn", a half bunny, half unicorn beast to answer the question "What's the cutest thing you can think of?" Naturally, I made her a pookah to resemble the Unnicorn we so love. We share a love of owls, penguins, and hedgehogs and so I also created her a tiny friend of each. 

I'm pretty happy with how they each came out, although I may extend the belly fabric to the face on the little hedgehog if I do decide to sell them in the shop. Part of me thinks maybe more people will buy them since who doesn't love owls, penguins, and hedgehogs? Another part of me thinks that these will be another rare purchase, however if the people who do buy them love them, well, that's exciting enough for me. I love toys and dolls and always find myself making them. I have a rag doll 80% finished right now, I'll share her soon! For now, here's a look at my owl, hedgehog, and penguin!

The owl paired with the quarter to show the size of these
little critters!

The Owl!

The hedgehog!

The hedgehog being camera shy....

The penguin!

Teeny tiny penguin tootsies.

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