Thursday, March 03, 2011

Mrs. Bean's Famous Nutmeg Ginger Apple Snaps

Wes Anderson's "Fantastic Mr. Fox" is a popular watch in our home. Even if we're not glued to the television, it's usually on in the background as Ryan and I work on our various projects. You can't beat a Roald Dahl story told well, and Anderson breathes a unique life into every character in this film adaptation. The world around the tree and the three farms is dreamy and inviting, and we like to visit for a couple of hours whenever we can.  

If you've seen the movie you can't forget the urge the young foxes had to each steal just one of Mrs. Bean's Famous Nutmeg Ginger Apple Snaps. And chances are, you felt the urge yourself during the scene. A couple of weeks ago Ryan asked, "Are those real? Can you make those?" When he suddenly came down with a miserable cold this week, I knew just the treat I could set beside his bowl of soup!

There is an infallible truth that follows: "With the Internet All Things Are Possible." I knew that someone somewhere must have figured out the recipe and posted it online. Did someone? Oh, you betcha! In fact, it's been figured out twice. You can find one recipe at The Rushmore Academy and another recipe on the Vancouver Observer. I decided to try the Rushmore Academy recipe this time, and took some photos of my progress to share with family and friends back east!

Chopping candied ginger--which tastes AMAZING by the way.

Grating fresh ginger root with Winston, my friendly mouse grater.

Now with all the ingredients lined up, I'm ready for mixing!

Yes, it's a little extra chopping, dicing, and grating--but hey, it's not rocket science and the flavor is well worth it!
Okay, it's not a huge part of the baking process--but how cute is this label? My grown
up life would be greatly improved if all labels were this adorable.

The cookies dropped on the pan with a little sprinkled
Hawaiian Sugar-in-the-Raw and dried apple slice pressed on top.

Baked and cooling.

I'll level with you: they taste even better than they look.
We absolutely loved these--wait for it--fantastic cookies! They were moist, chewy, delicious and made the apartment smell amazing! (What is it about ground clove that smells like magic?) I plan on trying the recipe in the Vancouver Observer next, as those cookies look just beautiful (and very much like the cookies in the film). I'm curious to see how they compare, and which recipe deserves to be baked on nights we watch Fantastic Mr. Fox!

All images from Fantastic Mr. Fox are courtesy  Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Indian Paintbrush.

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