Sunday, March 06, 2011

Easter Bunny and Lady Bunny

Last year I had been in Washington five days when Easter arrived. The apartment was still in moving shambles, the ache of home was deep in my heart, and everything was unfamiliar. Jesus rose that day to find me adrift in the grocery store, buying pot roast supplies in meager celebration and trying to figure out where the heck Safe Way hides their tin foil (even now I swear to you it's a different aisle every time). We high fived in the produce department and I promised Him next year would be different.
Puck and Elvis relax on the couch, gazing out at the
cherry tree budding outside our window.

This year I'm really excited and swept away in the Easter spirit. We have a gorgeous cherry tree right outside our living room window and it's all in bloom with kisses of little white flowers. (I keep meaning to sketch it, and hopefully will before the blossom really sets in). We've already dove headfirst through two bags of Cadbury mini eggs, and I'm determined to put the PAAS Easter egg dying kit I bought last year (shut up) to good use this year! (And pray the dyes don't become poison over time).

Everywhere around me the now familiar is donning its springtime best again, and I've been celebrating early with some 'bunny portraits'. Specifically of the Easter Bunny and his Lady Bunny. Sure, we've never heard of the Easter Bunny having a lady bunny, but hey, Santa has Mrs. Claus, right? And after all the Easter Bunny is a rabbit,, I'm just sure he does alright for himself, okay?

Quick, before I get into more trouble with Jesus, here are my 'bunny portraits'!

Easter and Lady Bunny, pencil and pen. I painted them on the same
large sheet of watercolor paper, and masked off where they would be
cut later. This kept their background washes consistent.
The Easter Bunny in pen, detail.
Easter Bunny, finished in watercolors. I wanted
him as 'dapper' a gentleman rabbit as possible.
(The eggs were SO much fun!)
Lovely Lady Bunny, finished in watercolors.
Daffodils are a springtime favorite of my Mom's,
so I included some lightly across her lap.
Lady Bunny, a detail. You can click
on her for even more detail!
These are not the paintings, but prints of the paintings,
placed upon our window so I can get an example shot of them.
Prints of the portraits side by side.
The prints find a home on my desk, to spruce up for spring!
I already want to paint more spring and Easter illustrations, perhaps of eggs and chicks or trees in bloom. I'm already on the look out for some pastel frames for the actual paintings so Ryan and I can hang them every Easter.

And naturally, I already have prints for sale in my shop!

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