Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A-Corn On the Cob is up for scoring

My collaboration with Evan Ferstenfeld, aka 'Frickinawesome' is up for scoring on threadless! Click here to check it out! I painted a second collaboration with him today, but it's still currently in the tweaking process. Hopefully I will be able to post it soon.

I began an illustration this afternoon I can't wait to paint. I'm taking it slow to really think out what colors I want to use, right now I'm thinking a lot of blues, browns, and oranges, with some hints of light greens and yellows.

The idea came from something I said last night while admiring photographs of octopus tentacles--which I love if you can't tell by the banner of this blog or by my online pseudonym. I said to Ryan, "it's too bad mermaids can't have tentacles instead of fish tales. I imagine it would be much easier for them to move around." Once I said it out loud I couldn't shake the notion. So this afternoon I sketched an 'Octomaid' out, and posed her investigating the remains of a pirate skeleton.

Today's illustration sketch, pencil and ink. A little stiff right now,
but that should be corrected with paint and shading.

Detail of the Octomaid's face.

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