Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Bear's Morning Ride

The beginning of the pencil sketch.
Yesterday I sketched a bearing riding a "Penny Farthing" (an old timey bicycle). I joke all the time that instead of drawing from reality I'm more likely to paint a bear on an old timey bicycle, and yesterday morning I sat down to my desk and thought to myself: "TODAY'S THE DAY."

The sketch itself cracks me up every time I see it. That usually gets me pumped to continue a drawing. If I can make myself laugh, really genuinely laugh, then I feel like there's something to it and I should keep going.

I inked the sketch and began to paint it, however I'm not going to post the painted version just yet. I'm about half way finished with it, and it's not quite where it should be. I'm not certain what it's missing but I'm working it out. Ryan took a look at it when he got home last night and we both agreed it might be the lighting. It's wonderful living with another artist. I can show him my work and he sees it with new eyes and can offer immediate feedback.

The sketch inked.
Here you can see the inked sketch however. Hopefully I'll have the painting to share soon!

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