Thursday, March 17, 2011

Amazing reward for believing in magic today!

I spent the afternoon boiling corned beef and adding carrots, potatoes, and cabbage with dangerous splashes (I adore cooking, but my natural clumsiness always works against me). I turned off the stove and dashed out for cupcake supplies, (which I had forgotten of course) returned, got the stove up and running again and cooked up some mighty fine traditional Irish grub if I may say so myself.
The beautiful ring Ryan gave me, it's an estate piece
from the 1920's! And art deco! I love it so much.

Earlier in the day I had written a post promising that I was going to try and stay optimistic this St. Patrick's day and keep an eye out for magic. I finished cooking dinner, lit some green candles, and spread the table with plates. Ryan came home and we ate together, joking and laughing and talking over our days as usual. I asked if he'd like his tea topped off, and when I returned from the kitchen he crossed the living room and dropped to one knee, catching me around the waist with one arm. "Will you marry me?" he asked, opening a fuzzy little black box.

We had been discussing marrying lately, and now it turns out he'd been sending me clues all along in texts (I received one two days ago from him that read "i miss you veRy much. rIght Now i'm out findinG lunch.") All the same I was taken off guard so happily. Of course I said yes, and now St. Patrick's day will most certainly remain a day of magic!

I know how corny that last sentence must sound, and before falling in love with Ryan I would have been the first to gag, but I just can't help feeling marvelously, wonderfully, terrifically happy! I feel incredibly blessed to have found someone who is in every way my other half. And soon will very literally be my other half!

St. Patrick's day 2011 for the win!


  1. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you & your fiance! You are an adorable couple and oh my gosh your ring is GORGEOUS!!

  2. Thank you! I'm so excited, and I'm thrilled with what a great job he did on the ring. He knows I love vintage, so he told me he's been looking in stores with estate pieces in Seattle for a few weeks. Apparently him buying this ring caused a little bit of an internal upset in the store he bought it from, because two of the employees were in love with it and came in one morning to find it set aside for purchase. He wants us to go back so they can meet me and know their treasure will be well loved. :)

  3. Congrats - on everything! May you have many happy returns!


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