Sunday, March 06, 2011

Agnes and the Yellow Paper

I draw a little girl in a green dress with dark pigtails now and then whom I call Agnes. Since finding my yellow 'tea stained' paper I've drawn her twice. I keep wanting to use her for a children's book perhaps, and have started to make her drawings animal/circus based.
Agnes and the Elephant
Agnes and the Bunny, pencil sketch.
Agnes and the Bunny, painted. As you can see I have to be careful this paper
does not crinkle as the paint dries. I will have to keep to very light,
concentrated strokes in the future.
A detail of Agnes and the Bunny.
I'm not certain why Agnes plays the role of 'child' for many of my illustrations. I like the look of her certainly, and she has been around for nearly a year now.

Agnes prepares to face off against the Slime Man, before the
days of her green dress and brown frock coat.
Agnes and the Paper Dolls: Agnes was also one of the paper dolls
I made this summer. Here she is next to Rory Rex.
I feel like Agnes hanging around is a good sign. Hopefully I can get her into a project and we can find out more about this little girl who calls my sketchbook home! I'm going to continue the circus paintings and see where she takes us.

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  1. Yo george, that girl has nice collarbones. tell her to hit me up. - Tim


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