Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pseudooctopus Painting

Usually I draw my illustrations in pencil, ink them in pen, and then add light watercolor washes. Recently however I got my hands onto some marvelous yellowed blank newsprint, and I couldn't resist changing things up a little. The paper itself is really gorgeous, and looks old and wonderful, like something you'd find in a scary garage! (Stay with me here, it's nice paper, I promise).

Knowing I was going to be starting this new blog tonight, this afternoon I pulled a piece out and sketched the Pseudooctopus across it. I was hoping to use the illustration as the head banner for this blog, to tie in the word Pseudooctopus visually. I really liked the grey of the pencil on the hazel hue of the page--and so I decided to skip inking it and keep the illustration just pencil and watercolor. I'm happy with how light and ethereal it came out. I may continue to try and play around with this combination of yellowed newsprint, pencil, and watercolor.

I may try the Pseudooctopus again as well. Since coining the marvelous nonsense word ten years ago it's come to be my regular online name. You would think a name like "Georgia Dunn" would have few mix ups, however long story short, another Georgia Dunn beat me to our name online. So I continued to use Pseudooctopus beyond the world of im and emails. Several time over the years I've thought about drawing the creature. I've always wanted it to have mechanical parts and slick underwater machinery attached--however as the sketch went on this afternoon he sipped a cup of tea and read a novel instead. What can I say? Sometimes characters kinda draw themselves. This fellow seems to be some kind of highly intelligent decoy cephalopod, and I'm happy to have him usher folks onto my blog. Even if he does seem to be ignoring them to finish the paragraph he's on.

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