Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A Little Bit About Myself

Myself modeling the best hat in the world.
 I was born in a small town in Rhode Island, which is a state in America no one outside of New England knows about. It is a real place, I assure you. Believe it or not, in between Massachusetts and Connecticut there is a magical little land that is not a part of New York (you're thinking Long Island). And that land, nestled within the forest beside the sea, was my birthplace.

I grew up weird and loud, the hyperactive child of a politician and an artist. I spent my childhood scribbling away over countless drawings of strange creatures and far away places. I gobbled up every adventure story I could, and particularly loved wizards, dragons, and cowboys. I sat in the back of my mother's council meetings where she helped decide the fate of our town with an eloquent tongue and an iron will, crayons firmly in my little fists, fists running across the paper battlefields ever unfolding in my lap. When I was old enough I went to the University of Rhode Island and even graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. I have been trying to get illustrations published since.
Last year my then good friend Ryan and I accidentally fell in love. It was pretty inconvenient for us at the time, given I was still back in our hometown in RI and he was living in Seattle working as a graphic artist. We both agreed that long distance relationships never work, and so Ryan flew back to RI and we drove 3000 miles together to Washington. Even though we had gone to the same high school and been friends for years, we'd only been dating a few months. What can I say? Love makes people do crazy things, and we're both a little crazy to begin with. It turned out to be totally worth it. We're one of those gross, way too happy couples that makes most people sick. It's great!

Neither one of them is allowed on the counter.
It's been quite the adventure. I lived in the same New England town for most of my life, and now find myself adjusting to life on the west coast. These days I live a little north of Seattle, Washington with my dashing boyfriend, two ridiculous cats, several loving rats, and a begrudging mouse. My homeland of Rhode Island is never far from my heart, and spend my days pursuing illustrating, writing comics, and baking.

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