Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Escape from the Factory"

I've loved robots for as long as I can remember. There are countless possibilities when it comes to drawing them. They can be new and sleek or old and junky. They can be big enough to attack a city or small enough to sit on your hand. They can have wheels, buttons, clamps, lights, laser rays--on and on! About a week ago I found myself sketching three little robots escaping from a factory filled with rusting tanks, gears, and tubes. Each one was slightly different, but they all shared the feature of a little green light swinging over their head. Here's a few photos showing the progression of the illustration from pencil and ink to watercolor!
The robots escaping, pencil and ink....

A close up of the last robot looking over his shoulder.

I had to figure out what the robots could use to scale the side of a tank, and
so I tried to think what a little robot might have on hand. A cord running from one
of their chests came to mind, and I ran with it.

The first watercolor wash....

Soda Pop is a pretty vital part of my creative process.

The watercolor washes completed.

Scanning muted the vibrancy of the colors a little, so I adjusted the levels
of the illustration in Photoshop before preparing for printing.
And there you have it, my latest robot illustration! It won't be the last, I'm sure. In case you're wondering these three little robots made it and are currently living it up charging their batteries and feasting on scrap metal!

I decided to title the painting "Escape from the Factory" and prints are already for sale in my etsy shop here:

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